What Families Have to Say About Us…

Ally and Amanda were my doulas when I was pregnant with our first child. They met with my husband and I several times before the birth, going over our birth plan, general information about birth, and helping us make decisions ahead of time about all the things we would be asked before, during, and after the birth. When I went into labor, we met Ally and Amanda at the hospital even though she offered to meet us at our house (which was 45 minutes away). They made my husband and I feel at ease, as it was really nice having someone with us who knew what to do! They helped the whole experience go just as we had hoped. During the more intense parts of labor, Ally and Amanda took turns putting pressure on my hips to relieve some of the pain. The labor was 26 hours long, and they stayed the whole time (and awake!). I had planned on a totally natural birth, but when it got towards the end and my fatigue and pain were too intense, my husband and I decided I should get a shot of epidural. Even though Ally and Amanda are natural birth advocates, they fully supported our decision to go with the medication and after I was turned over to the care of an OB/GYN. It was great to have them there to encourage me and help me through a rather difficult labor, especially as it was my first time. I kept asking, “Am I doing this right?” and they were always reassuring me I was. Ally and Amanda helped make that birth experience so peaceful and I’m so happy they were there to share in that special experience. I’m now pregnant with our second child and if we lived closer to each other, I’d have them as my doulas again!                           ~M. Gonzalez


Having Ally and Amanda walk through my pre-natal and birth experiences as my doulas was like meeting new friends who just happened to be incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about birth. Two things stand out to me as deciding factors for hiring a doula. First, my husband and I both liked the idea of not going to the hospital immediately and me spending some time laboring at home. Secondly, I wanted to have a natural childbirth. Both seemed daunting for us as first-time parents. Although I was hesitant that having a doula would be too intimate and wasn’t sure that I would want that kind of support.  In the few weeks before my due date I was in touch with Ally and Amanda and we talked about my appointments and how I was feeling about everything. When my labor actually started, I was not only thankful for the preparation we had been through with them but also thankful to have them present for “in the moment” practical applications. It was so helpful to have women there – both at home where we spent a majority of my active labor time, and at the hospital where I delivered our son – that were completely confident in my ability to give birth naturally. They were a great comfort and guide to my husband as well, and that ended up being important to us both. By the time I went into labor, it amazed me how well Ally and Amanda knew me and I sense that they would have intuitively supported me exactly how I needed them to.  My husband and I feel strongly that we would’ve had a much different story had Ally and Amanda not been involved. We think that we would’ve gone to the hospital much sooner and, if that had been the case, I’m not sure I would’ve labored without medication like I had hoped. I’m thankful for the guidance and friendship we found in having Ally and Amanda as our doulas.  ~J. Martin


Amanda and Ally were incredible to work with for the birth of our first born son. They assisted nearly my entire birthing process, from teaching a faith-based birth class that prepared me for the many things to expect during labor and the days with a newborn, to assisting during labor, and supporting my post-partum healing and breastfeeding.  They even encapsulated my placenta.  These ladies have a calm and gentle spirit that is sure to make anyone feel comfortable and at ease. Amanda and Ally nearly went unnoticed during the laboring process because they just jumped in quietly and helped with pain management and support without being an obstacle or distraction. My husband felt a tremendous amount of support by having them around. Without their support and care, I can’t say we could have come to be where we are today! I would highly recommend them for your birth! My labor stats are as follows: first time mom, labored 6 hours actively, no pain medicine, 35 mins of pushing, 3rd degree tearing, 8lbs 1 oz boy, successfully breastfed 1 year                                                                                               ~C. Rohrman


I would unreservedly recommend Lotus Blossom Birth based on my experience with their services for the birth of my fourth child. I had a good idea of what I wanted for this birth, but was feeling pressured by my ob-gyn to consider a cesarean birth. After meeting Ally and learning she was a doula, my husband and I decided to retain the services of Lotus Blossom Birth. I was hoping to have an advocate at the hospital in case I had issues regarding a cesarean while at the hospital. I also wanted to be allowed to experience more freedom during the delivery. I had always been told due to health issues that I needed to lie in the bed throughout my labor. Not only did Ally and Amanda help me to meet those goals, but they helped me in so many ways. My husband and I were just amazed by how smoothly and quickly everything went. Ally and Amanda were so helpful and friendly. They felt like old friends right from the start. Before I even thought to ask, they would step in and do just what was needed to make everything go smoothly. How did I ever get by without them for my other deliveries? I will not make that mistake again.   ~L. Morales


I’d like to start this by saying, Ally and Amanda need superhero capes to wear to each and every birth.  I had my fourth child last year and it was my first attempt at a natural birth.  I knew of Lotus Blossom Birth because they had helped me with breastfeeding support after my third baby, and I felt comfortable having these ladies with me during labor.  When I got to the hospital, I was 9 cm and knew that I could have this baby easy and naturally.  Fast-forward twenty-four hours and I was still 9 cm.  Ally and Amanda stayed by my side, supported me through every contraction, and were encouraging and loving when I chose to get the epidural.  When my son was born, they stayed with us and held our space for bonding, while the midwives and nurses attended to the business side of things.  Through it all, the main thing I remember is their loving hands, their smiling faces, and their compassionate eyes.  Their eyes seemed to say that they knew everything I was going through, how hard it was, but that I would come out the other end victorious.  I believed those eyes!                                                                                                                                  ~A. Sheets