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Initial Pregnancy: Quickening

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t happen at the very beginning of a pregnancy, but for some new mothers, this is one of the first signs they notice when they are expecting. Quickening is one of those fancy words we learned in midwifery school, but it really just means feeling those first flutters in your belly as your baby wiggles around. For some women, this can happen as early as 10 weeks, and some women don’t feel any movement until week 16. The exact time that you will be able to feel your baby’s movements depend on a lot of factors, such as where the placenta is located and how many other children you have that you have to pay attention to. Seriously, we felt each baby a little later than the previous ones because we were too busy to notice.

We’ve heard it before, that women have felt their baby super early, and someone in their life responds with “it’s probably just gas.” Well, you’ve felt gas before, and if this is a new sensation to you, then you’re right, you’re feeling little tiny rolls and punches from the human in your womb. By 18 weeks, most women are feeling movement daily, even if it’s just hiccups, and by 20 weeks, most women can not only feel, but see the movements from the outside of their belly.

So, if you are far enough along that one of your first signs of pregnancy is alien movement inside you, it’s time to see your provider, that way you can listen to a heartbeat as well.

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