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Initial Pregnancy: Increased Urination

Looking back on our own pregnancies, we really wish someone had given us the heads-up on this one. You are going to need to pee, a lot! And it’s not just in the last few months when the baby has grown your uterus to the size of a watermelon. It happens toward the very beginning, thanks to hormones increasing your urine production and your uterus beginning to grow. Even with an itty bitty baby, the uterus can sit pretty heavy on your bladder. I mean, it’s great that your body is working overtime to flush toxins and keep your baby safe, but you might as well switch to easy-to-pull-down leggings now.

To be clear, the frequency of needing to go pee during pregnancy should not resemble a urinary tract infection in any way. UTIs are common in pregnancy and are marked with typically uncomfortable symptoms, such as fever, burning with urinating, inability to feel like to emptied your bladder. While going to the bathroom more with pregnancy is a hassle, it should not be painful or marked with other UTI symptoms. If this occurs, contact your provider.

So if you can’t seem to make it more than a few blocks of a road trip without your urethra throbbing with the need to urinate, you might be pregnant.

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