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Initial Pregnancy: A Line and a Half

Reading a pregnancy test can be a nerve-wracking experience. You know the insert says to add the urine and then let it rest for 5-10 minutes, then come back and check it. But how many women can just walk away instead of watching the urine creep across the window and trying to determine if a second line is popping up to match the control line? And then, sometimes, a woman is left with a full, dark control line, and this skinny little partial line next to it. There’s nothing in the insert about that!

That skinny little partial line, no matter how light or faint, is a positive. This might be some of the best advice we were given from a doctor ever, but a line is a line is a line. It doesn’t have to match the control line, it just has to be present in some form or fashion. It may be early and the test is only able to detect traces of hCG, or it may be a test that malfunctioned slightly, but either way, any line in the test window is a positive pregnancy test.

You still need to wait the recommended time and check it again. Some tests have streaking that you can misread for a line if you check right away, or some really do need some time to show up. And don’t forget either, because there is a true window, and if you wait hours and then go back and check the test, it could read a line where there wasn’t one before as the urine dried up. But really, who forgets that they were taking a pregnancy test and goes back hours later to check it? Pregnant women, that’s who!

This post is meant to reassure you, so that you can know with certainty that any partial line is a line. Hope the information helps you as much as it helped us. And if you have a second line, faint or not, we’d love to hear from you.

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