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Pre-Conception: No, Thanks!

We are midwives and because of that, we deal with pregnant families and newborn babies on a daily basis. Then, we come home to our own large families and love on our own babies. We are surrounded by babies, birth, and growing families all the time, but we’d like to take a minute and give a shout out to all of our sisters who have decided to never have a baby. We love you and admire you for making that choice.

Somehow, society has convinced us that the purpose and success of a woman is measured by birthing a child. This simply is NOT true. A woman who has never had a child is often questioned about her biological clock, if she is infertile, or if she is just selfish. A woman who knows herself well enough to know that she does not have the time, the energy, or the desire to have a baby in her life is making a choice, a well-informed choice, and one that should be celebrated along with her, not shamed.

Having a baby is not the epitome of womanhood, although we’ll agree for those who want children, it can be very fulfilling, but there are many things that are fulfilling to a woman, such as a rewarding relationship, a career, a solid family connection, the best of friends, and travel, to name a few. Women are goal-oriented; we often just have different goals. So if your goal is to have ten children and stay home and raise them, that’s great. If your goal is to never get pregnant and focus on other dreams and aspirations, that’s great, too!

We needed to get that out there, as we are coming to a close on our series on pre-conception, and we wanted to make sure you all knew, we do love babies, but even more so, we love women. All women, every woman, as an individual. If you choose to never have a baby, we support you and you absolutely can still have a midwife for your reproductive health, if you choose to. Just give us a call.

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