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Pre-Conception: Diet

Diet is the single most important contribution to a healthy pregnancy.  We, as midwives, firmly believe this.  Over the years, we have seen some pretty serious pregnancy complications completely reversed by diet changes alone.  You and your baby need the best nutrition possible to grow, change, and develop over the next nine months, and since practice makes perfect, what better time to start than now, before your little one is relying on your intake for every need?

Now, this isn’t one of those “New Year, New You” fad diets, and we’re certainly not going to suggest you starve yourself.  This isn’t about losing weight or achieving some ridiculous supermodel bod. This is about considering what you eat before you eat it, and it probably won’t surprise you.  The majority of the nutrients your body needs are contained in fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy, and whole grains.  They are not in processed foods, excess sugars, or chemical additives.  That’s it, it’s really that simple.  In the absence of any medical complications or special needs, just changing your diet to include more whole and fresh foods over processed and chemically-laden foods will make a world of difference to your soon-to-be babe.

Does that mean that pizza, candy bars, and milkshakes are now forever barred to you?  Of course not.  As in all things, moderation is key.  Spend the day making your healthy choices, and if you still have room in your belly for a Snickers at the end of the night, treat yourself.  We understand the comfort of your favorite soda or some macaroni and cheese, but all day every day, these choices are not fueling your body or providing many benefits. 

When you first start feeding your baby their first foods, you will probably choose fruits, vegetables, and meats, because you know the value of these foods to their little bodies.  You are no different, mama.  Your body may soon be asked to create a little person inside your womb, and you need the right fuels to make it work well.  When you are pregnant, we recommend The Brewer Diet as your basis to choose the right foods.  Go ahead and look it over now.  You may not need to follow it to the letter right away, but it is a good foundation to begin to make some changes in your routine. 

Lotus Blossom Birth would love to help you on your journey.  If you have any personal questions about your current nutrition or how to make changes, reach out to us and we will gladly help with your questions.

All our love, The Lotus Blossom Midwives

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Life as a Doula…

A phone call at 4am.  “I think my water just broke.”

A text just before midnight.  “Is it okay if I am bleeding, a lot?”

A voicemail that you have to check just before walking into your friend’s wedding.  “I need you to come, right now!”

Three false alarms in as many nights, with a momma who just needs reassurance.

This is the life of a doula.  And we wouldn’t change a thing!

After having many of our own children, and attending the births of family and friends (including each other’s), we felt that we needed to make it official.  In 2012, both Amanda Whatley and Ally Barr trained through Childbirth International and became card-carrying members of the doula club.  In a way, it seemed a natural progression of where we were in our lives, you know, older women helping younger women through these stages in their life.

Becoming a doula was easy, the reports and papers, attending childbirth classes, and meeting with others who have walked this road.  We’re not sure that anyone could have prepared us for the real thing.  Imagine getting a phone call at three in the afternoon with a request for your time.  Not knowing what to expect, you kiss your husband and children, and you don’t come back for the next fifty hours.  You also have bronchitis, which is no longer contagious, by the way.  Your family misses you, you are exhausted beyond anything you have ever experienced, and you are hungry because that granola bar you ate two days ago was really not all that filling.  Now imagine a second time momma, who has been told that her body cannot birth a baby naturally.  She has been told that a vaginal birth will probably kill her and the baby, and yet, you stay with her, holding her hand, and breathing her breath.  You are present and get to capture the first photographs when she delivers a healthy son, completely natural.  You see the confidence in her eyes as she comes to understand that she is wonderfully, fearfully, and awesomely made to birth her babies.  You watch her husband view her in a whole different way, with love and respect for what she has done.  All the cares and concerns that you had about your own life melt away, as you rejoice with those who rejoice.  And yes, we have been at the births that require mourning as well.

It takes a calling, for sure, and the doula burn out rate is higher than most other professions.  But for us, it is worth every bit!

In the next few months, Amanda and Ally will be sharing their own personal birth stories on this blog, to show you the changes we have made in our own birthing choices, to show you we are not perfect and have not had “perfect” births, and to show you why and how we were called to this amazing profession!

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The Birth of Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom Birth was born in Fort Worth, Texas just this year, 2014.  Although we, the owners, have been practicing birth arts for many years, we needed a new name, a symbol for what birth looked like to us.

Enter the lotus flower.  This flower has many levels of meaning, both physically and spiritually, but what we liked was the fact that this amazingly delicate flower overcomes adversity in order to bloom.  Did you know that it starts out under a muddy swamp?  The lotus blossom rises up from the mud of the swamp.  It continues to grow up through murky waters. Finally, with little struggle, it penetrates the air and soaks in the light of the sun. It blossoms into a beautiful flower, completely clean on its inner petals.  This symbolism resonated deeply with us.

Birth is just like this.  It can look daunting.  We won’t tell you that birth doesn’t exhaust you, or take you past your limits, but we will tell you that it is beautiful, it is rewarding, and you can do this.  Your body, the same as the lotus flower, was made to do birth!  It may look dark at the beginning, but as you let your body do what it was created to do, you will blossom into a strong and capable mother.

Lotus Blossom Birth was created to support that image.  Birth is for the mother alone.  She is the only one with the strength and ability to birth her baby.  However, encouragement and support, an urging on as she rises from the muddy depths and sees the light on the other side, that is what we are here for.  That is why we were born.


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