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The Birth of Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom Birth was born in Fort Worth, Texas just this year, 2014.  Although we, the owners, have been practicing birth arts for many years, we needed a new name, a symbol for what birth looked like to us.

Enter the lotus flower.  This flower has many levels of meaning, both physically and spiritually, but what we liked was the fact that this amazingly delicate flower overcomes adversity in order to bloom.  Did you know that it starts out under a muddy swamp?  The lotus blossom rises up from the mud of the swamp.  It continues to grow up through murky waters. Finally, with little struggle, it penetrates the air and soaks in the light of the sun. It blossoms into a beautiful flower, completely clean on its inner petals.  This symbolism resonated deeply with us.

Birth is just like this.  It can look daunting.  We won’t tell you that birth doesn’t exhaust you, or take you past your limits, but we will tell you that it is beautiful, it is rewarding, and you can do this.  Your body, the same as the lotus flower, was made to do birth!  It may look dark at the beginning, but as you let your body do what it was created to do, you will blossom into a strong and capable mother.

Lotus Blossom Birth was created to support that image.  Birth is for the mother alone.  She is the only one with the strength and ability to birth her baby.  However, encouragement and support, an urging on as she rises from the muddy depths and sees the light on the other side, that is what we are here for.  That is why we were born.


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