Midwifery Services


Midwifery Services

Midwifery, supporting you and your baby safely through to the other side of delivery, is our passion.  There is nothing quite like seeing not only a new baby, but also a new mother, be born.

Lotus Blossom Birth offers all-inclusive care for their midwifery services.  We want to be able to provide you with complete support for your pregnancy and birth, and so we limit our practice to three clients per month.

Our midwifery care includes:

  • Initial FREE in-home consultation
  • Regularly scheduled prenatal visits in your home
  • All lab work
  • One ultrasound (between eighteen and twenty-two weeks)
  • Complete care and support in your home during your birth until at least two hours after birth
  • Postpartum care
  • Newborn care for the first six weeks
  • Birth certificate filing after birth

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