Birth Doula

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Welcoming your baby into this world takes love, patience, and good old-fashioned hard work.  A doula can help to ease your transition from pregnancy to motherhood.

“Doula” comes from the Greek meaning “servant of woman.” A labor doula is trained to support the mother’s natural ability to give birth. Doulas traditionally are protectors of the laboring woman’s emotional space, making sure that her environment is kept as stress-free as possible. She is a labor companion from the beginning of labor until after the baby is born and mother is recovered. A doula provides both physical and emotional support to the laboring mother. She does not replace a mother’s partner in any way. Instead, she offers the freedom to participate at any comfort level, often creating a closer parental bond.

A doula does not make any decisions regarding your birth.  She supports your choices to give birth how you want and where you want.  A doula does not pass judgment, whether you are birthing in the woods, or electing your fourth Caesarean.  We are there to help you feel safe and secure in your choices.

A doula does not normally provide medical care for any member of the family, but Lotus Blossom Birth can, on a case by case basis, provide monitrice services to monitor your labor progression at home before going to the hospital for delivery.

Evidence has shown that women supported by a doula during labor have been
shown to have:
 60% reduction in epidural requests
 50% reduction of cesarean rate
 40% reduction in assisted delivery
 30% reduction in analgesia use
 25% shorter labor
From The Doula Book by Klaus, Kennell, and Klaus

Labor Doula Services include:
 Free initial consultation
 Two to three prenatal visits
 Continuous support throughout labor until after first breastfeeding
 One postpartum visit

Monitrice Services include all the labor doula services as well as intermittent monitoring during labor, both maternal and fetal vital signs.


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