Initial Pregnancy: Food Aversions

Oh man, we remember this one clearly. A great early sign of pregnancy is strong food (or smell) aversions. You know, the one where just the thought of a particular food is enough to make you queasy. It’s always interesting to us how, once again, listening to your body is one of the best choices you can make.

While there is no proven cause of food aversions, although I’m sure those raging hormones have a lot to do with it, we like to think of them as your body’s way of protecting itself and your unborn baby. Food aversions are most commonly towards meats, fish, eggs, and dairy, foods that, if not prepared well, are common causes of food poisoning. Other food aversions are to foods that may not be beneficial to your body. I have yet to hear of a pregnant woman having a strong food aversion to a raw carrot or her favorite fruit. However, I commonly hear of women who turn green at the smell of coffee or vomit at the thought of touching raw chicken.

Amanda has known she is pregnant whenever she has an aversion to seafood. It truly is one of her favorites, yet at the beginning of each pregnancy, something about seafood made her nauseated, so much so that she couldn’t stand to be around it. I guess it was a match made in heaven that her hubby was allergic to shellfish.

While the focus of this blog has been food aversions, smell aversions are just as strong. Again, smell aversions are commonly to toxic fumes, such as cigarette smoke, car exhaust, and strong perfumes. Not only do pregnant women think these things smell gross, they have a much more visceral reaction, literally a turning of the stomach and potential to vomit.

So, if you have been totally turned off by some strong smells or foods recently, ones that typically don’t bother you so much, you might be pregnant!

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