Initial Pregnancy: False Negative

The flipside of the coin from our last post (Initial Pregnancy: False Positive) is a false negative. Receiving a false negative is much less common and can only be attributed to a couple factors.

The most obvious reason for a false negative is that the test was taken too early. hCG starts to build up in your system but not in high enough quantities to be read on a pregnancy test until just a few days before your missed period. Since women ovulate differently, it could be that you just need to wait a few days and take another test.

Following the instructions to use the most concentrated, early morning urine is important here too, because diluted urine just won’t have the same concentration of hCG. Again, if you think you are pregnant, wait and take your test in the morning. Having an accurate test is well worth waiting another twelve hours.

Possibly, the test is a dud. This happens in all things, one or two tests off the production line just weren’t made the same as the others and the sensitivity is off. Our advice is the same as above, retest in a few days, using a different brand or at least a different lot number from your original test.

Less common reasons for a false negative could be an ectopic pregnancy that just isn’t creating enough hCG, or a threatened or spontaneous miscarriage.

If you are convinced you are pregnant, but you can’t get a positive home test, reach out to us. We can look over your situation and have you come in for a blood test. It has a better accuracy rate, and we’ll be discussing in more in detail tomorrow.

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