Initial Pregnancy: Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is just the fancy word for missing a period. We all know that this can mean the beginning of a pregnancy, but it is not a perfect indicator. For this reason, it is still considered a presumptive sign, one that indicates the possibility of pregnancy. Missing your period is a great time to take a pregnancy test, though, to either confirm or rule out a pregnancy.

But let’s explore why it’s not a perfect indicator. Missing a period can happen for a multitude of reasons that have nothing to do with pregnancy. Stress is one of the key reasons for a late cycle, and if you are stressing about whether or not a pregnancy has been achieved, missing that period can really mess with your mind. Exercise and diet, with resulting weight loss, can also lengthen your cycle or even make it disappear for awhile. Other possibilities that could make your period late would be illness, hormone imbalance, birth control, premature menopause, and a few others.

It can go the other way too. Some women who are pregnant experience just enough bleeding to trick them into thinking a period has occurred, even when a tiny baby is growing inside them. Most of the time this bleeding is harmless, often from implantation, the baby making it’s home against the wall of the uterus. It could also be from increased blood flow to the area and activities like sex can cause a small amount of bleeding.

So, yes, it is a great sign to make you aware of the possibility but amenorrhea is not the end all, be all of pregnancy signs. It is merely a guidepost along your journey.

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