Pre-Conception: Too Much of a Good Thing

Most couples trying to conceive think that the more sexual encounters they have, the better chance of conception occurring. Seems accurate enough, right? It couldn’t be further from the truth. Having daily sex (or more than once a day for you overachievers) actually lowers the amount of semen and sperm available to reach the egg.

Providers recommend waiting at least one day, if not two, in between sexual encounters in order for men to store up more sperm and seminal fluid. So how does this play into all the tracking and charting that we’ve been telling you about? Once you know your cycle, if it’s regular anyway, you will be able to choose your days wisely. If you know you have your LH surge on day 13, and you ovulate on day 14, we would recommend abstaining from sex from day 1 until day 10 and then having intercourse on days 10, 12, 14, and 16. Remember that with healthy cervical mucus, sperm can live in the female reproductive tract for up to 72 hours, just hanging out, waiting on an egg. This whole theory may seem counter-intuitive, but coming from two midwives with eleven children between them, we can assure you it works. Then, the rest of the month, do whatever you feel like.

Let’s take a minute and just talk about healthy sperm and seminal fluid. We would never assume that an infertility issue is ever with the woman, it’s honestly about 50/50. So, while you are doing all this preparing for conception, your partner needs to be doing some too. Major lifestyle choices that negatively affect sperm count and health include poor diet/obesity, alcohol, smoking and street drugs, lack of exercise, and excessive heat to the genital area. So healthy choices and some comfortable boxers are in order for him. Maybe break that to him before you tell him that your daily routine has just moved to an every other day occurrence.

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