Pre-Conception: Diet

Diet is the single most important contribution to a healthy pregnancy.  We, as midwives, firmly believe this.  Over the years, we have seen some pretty serious pregnancy complications completely reversed by diet changes alone.  You and your baby need the best nutrition possible to grow, change, and develop over the next nine months, and since practice makes perfect, what better time to start than now, before your little one is relying on your intake for every need?

Now, this isn’t one of those “New Year, New You” fad diets, and we’re certainly not going to suggest you starve yourself.  This isn’t about losing weight or achieving some ridiculous supermodel bod. This is about considering what you eat before you eat it, and it probably won’t surprise you.  The majority of the nutrients your body needs are contained in fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy, and whole grains.  They are not in processed foods, excess sugars, or chemical additives.  That’s it, it’s really that simple.  In the absence of any medical complications or special needs, just changing your diet to include more whole and fresh foods over processed and chemically-laden foods will make a world of difference to your soon-to-be babe.

Does that mean that pizza, candy bars, and milkshakes are now forever barred to you?  Of course not.  As in all things, moderation is key.  Spend the day making your healthy choices, and if you still have room in your belly for a Snickers at the end of the night, treat yourself.  We understand the comfort of your favorite soda or some macaroni and cheese, but all day every day, these choices are not fueling your body or providing many benefits. 

When you first start feeding your baby their first foods, you will probably choose fruits, vegetables, and meats, because you know the value of these foods to their little bodies.  You are no different, mama.  Your body may soon be asked to create a little person inside your womb, and you need the right fuels to make it work well.  When you are pregnant, we recommend The Brewer Diet as your basis to choose the right foods.  Go ahead and look it over now.  You may not need to follow it to the letter right away, but it is a good foundation to begin to make some changes in your routine. 

Lotus Blossom Birth would love to help you on your journey.  If you have any personal questions about your current nutrition or how to make changes, reach out to us and we will gladly help with your questions.

All our love, The Lotus Blossom Midwives

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